With a long history, Tozin Sepahan Company is active in the field of production, sales, and after-sales services of a variety of weighing automation systems, special and unique projects. Our company has started its production-trade activity since 1994 and nowadays, it is known as one of the leaders in the area of designing and manufacturing a variety of road weighbridges, various railroad weighing systems, weighbridges for melt and steel industries, stone industries in the Middle East with the most advanced and state-of-the-art technology in the world. Having the most suitable production equipment as well as utilizing trained and specialized personnel, the company brought together specialist and experienced staff and provides good services with the dear customers due to the efforts of its directors across the country as well as neighboring countries including (Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Armenia, etc.).

The policy of an organization determines the action direction and employees’ purposes and ultimately, the goals of an organization. Therefore, in accordance with the policy set by Tozin Sepahan Company’s director to achieve the highest goals, the after-sales services department, has always aimed at the quality, accuracy and acceleration to support the customers and strived to satisfy the customers to an acceptable level by a right performance.