Tozin Sepahan Company started its activities by designing and manufacturing crane remote control in 1993 and afterwards joined to pioneers in producing industrial weighbridges in the country on 1998 by producing a variety of special digital weighbridges.

The firm belief of corporate management over the process of continuous improvement has led Towzinsepahan to market a new generation of digital scales, relying on the creativity and ingenuity of its hardworking and expert personnel over time to optimize products. The remarkable welcome of the businessmen to Towzinsepahan’s optimized products has enabled the company to continue its research and development with the product of designing and manufacturing of sconces and lap-topping machines, sconces and rolling slabs, lightweight precast concrete scales. And smart indicators can be programmed with multiple users. Increasing buyers’ trust in Towzinsepahan products has led the company management to respond to market demand, decided to develop production lines earlier than planned, and after conducting a comprehensive site survey, two land plots located in Isfahan’s industrial towns. New lab locations will allow more R&D space to follow its earlier plans, as well as discover market needs and design and build cars. New instruments try to supply it.

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