Due to the efforts of foreign commercial department manager of Tozin Sepahan Company, the necessary arrangements were made for a joint meeting (summit) between the representatives of OIML World Standard Organization in Tozin Sepahan Company. Following the meeting (summit) of the managing director of Tozin Sepahan and the respected deputy State Metrology, Mr. Amini, with […]

Due to the importance of using advanced weighing systems in upstream industries and continuous operation in steel production lines as well as the high sensitivity of the main components, Tozin Sepahan Company has managed to design and produce a mobile intelligent weighing system.

Tozin Sepahan Company has been able to bring the latest generation of concrete structures to the production line by engineering design. Previously, these types of structures were designed and manufactured by manufacturers of type 2 with 44-ton capacity based on the standards of the Road Administration, which had problems for customers as well and it’s […]