The most widespread sales network along with the largest after-sales services network in Iran for two decades

The policy of an organization determines the action direction and employees’ purposes and ultimately, the goals of an organization. Therefore, in accordance with the policy set by Tozin Sepahan Company’s director to achieve the highest goals, the after-sales services department, has always aimed at the quality, accuracy and acceleration to support the customers and strived to satisfy the customers to an acceptable level by a right performance.

Based on customer-orientation and complete winning of dear customers’ satisfaction and ultimately, improvement of organizational brand’s reputation, with qualified staff and network of authorized repairers nationwide, after-sales services department of Tozin Sepahan Company is tasked with providing repair services, supplying spare parts and following the customer complaints up.

Using advanced structures, strict quality control, and up-to-date standards in the industry of developing a variety of weighing systems, this department investigates, analyzes all the necessary environmental and protective circumstances at the site of weighbridge installation, and identifies them and fixes the existing bugs in its weighing system while solving customers’ problems in the shortest possible time.

Objectives of installation services department:

  • Providing standardized services for the offered products

  • Conducting emergency repairs of the offered products

  • Consultation about training and executing devices’ foundation

  • Providing consultations with the customers to select proper product

  • Training and exploiting the products offered by the company

  • Installation and set-up of products offered by Tozin Sepahan Company

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